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The Role: IT/Ops engineering or technical leadership, leverages capabilities and prior areas of ownership that span most operating systems, on-prem/datacenter and IaaS realms, and broad architecture & execution from the metal to the people

The Company: prefers FOSS where reasonable, hires for drive (not merely skill), embraces a Montessori-esque culture, keeps merit paramount, and minimizes bureaucratic and political barriers between employees and their best work

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Lafayette College, Easton, PA
Bachelor of Arts Dual Degree, cum laude
Courses of Study: Philosophy, Music
GPA: 3.57

Awards and Distinctions
  • Dean’s List, Multimedia Presentation Award, Lafayette Alumni of the Lehigh Valley Music Award
  • Financial Aid Essay Award for Study Abroad: 1st Place (architecture studies in Europe, Jan 2004)
  • Financial Aid Essay Award for Study Abroad: 2nd Place (economics studies in SE Asia, Jan 2005)
  • McKelvy Scholars Residence Program (faculty-nominated, ~6 chosen per year, ~18 scholars total)